Stump Removal in Sevenoaks

Need a tree stump removed in Sevenoaks?

Kent Tree Stump Removal have purchased the best stump grinding machines that the professional market has to offer.

From tracked stump grinders for larger tree stump removal, to the smaller but also effective pedestrian all access stump grinders for smaller tree stumps where access may be limited.

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As we operate in Kent, we are able to respond to some enquiries on that same day, offering a same day quote promise – call us now on 07842 393231!

Stump removal machine

Our work

We serve homeowners and businesses in Sevenoaks, removing all size of tree stumps, and working on many projects from removing tree stumps for home garden projects to golf courses.

Our work to date includes working in the beautiful setting of Knole Park in the centre of Sevenoaks, removing a very large beech tree stump and removing a number of tree stumps from the Sevenoaks School sports ground.

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